Meet the makers

Hoop & Fred

Hoop & Fred (real name Stephie) is an embroidery artist based in Ancoats. She creates embroidery hoops of the people, places and things she loves. When she isn't stitching Stephie is encouraging others to embrace their own creativity, in her day job as a creative producer, organising community theatre and art events. Stephie shares all her embroidery creations and the process that goes into making them on her Instagram.


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PinkVine was launched in March 2019 with the goal of bucking against mass-made homeware on the high street and giving people the opportunity to own one of a kind pieces, regardless of budget. Run by Akaibi, a trained lingerie designer and one-time make up artist, who traded silks and make up brushes for overalls and concrete. PinkVine's collection here was specially designed to capture her favourite thing: the relationship between the natural and unnatural. Nature meets man made in her collection of rust, black and aqua.

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Loom and Form

Originally from the small town of Halifax, now living in Ancoats, Loom and Form shares the creations of part-time crafter Drew Haigh. Combining natural elements with bright feel-good colours and textures, Drew handmakes a selection of unique home accessories and gifts.


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Plug-in Pencil

Plug-In Pencil is the work of an artist and architect based in Ancoats, Manchester. The style and the moniker are inspired by the avant-garde architectural group Archigram who worked throughout the 60s/70s, as well as the work of Memphis Group from Milan in the 80s. The prints draw inspiration from the industrial landscape of Manchester, as well as its mix of baroque, art nouveau and palazzo architecture. 

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Jenna Nicole Designs

Working from a repurposed container in Ancoats I reupholster and bring back to life old furniture as well as making soft furnishings.  Working with colour to give furniture a modern and fun feel. 


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Christian Gould

Christian spent a career as a graphic designer and illustrator in prominent creative agencies in London before moving to Manchester in 2019 to head up Blossom, a creative studio based in Ancoats. Blossom specialise in branding and design, web design, photography and illustration.


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Bad Toys

Josh Felton is an art toy maker and character designer living and working in Ancoats.


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