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12 minute home workout.

26 May 2020

With no sign of gyms reopening any time soon CrossFit Ancoats owner and personal trainer Ben Upfold gives you his top eight bodyweight at home exercises for all fitness levels and ages. No equipment required.

How to create your own 12 minute workout:

Pick any three exercises below for your daily workout, change up which ones you choose each time and try to not repeat the same workout.

- Exercise 1: 30 seconds of work then rest for 30 seconds
- Exercise 2: 30 seconds of work then rest for 30 seconds
- Exercise 3: 30 seconds of work then rest for 30 seconds


Repeat this cycle four times for a 12 minute workout.

Do as many repetitions of each exercise, using good form, as possible in each 30 second window.

Record how many reps of each you can perform in each 30 second window and try to beat your score the next time you do that exercise.

Want to crank it up a notch?
Complete five or even six cycles of the three exercises for a longer, more intense workout.


Exercise: Squats
Great for: Legs and bum
- Feet shoulder width apart
- Abs tight and hands held at head height
- Start the movement by pushing the hips back and down
- Keep back straight
- Keep heels on the floor
- Squat until the hip crease is below the top of the knee


Exercise: Step back lunge
Great for: Legs and bum
- Feet shoulder width apart
- Abs tight and hands held at head height
- Take a long step back placing the toe of foot on the floor behind you
- Bend both legs until the back knee touches the floor
- Keep the torso upright
- Stand back up pressing through the heel of the front foot


Exercise: Push-ups
Great for: Chest and arms
- Hands shoulder width apart
- Shoulders, hips and knees aligned, abs tight
- As you bend the elbows so they’re at a 45 degree angle to the body.
- Bring body down to an inch from the floor
- Press through the hands and straighten the arms back to the start
- Shoulders, hips and knees rise and fall together


Exercise: Sit-ups
Great for: Abs
- Soles of the feet touching, knees dropped out to the sides
- Lay back, touch the floor above your head
- Sit right up and touch the floor infront of your feet


Exercise: Leg raises
Great for: Abs
- Lie on your back, arms by your sides
- Pull your lower back down into the floor
- Raise your legs into the air
- Hips lift slightly off the floor at the top of the movement
- Lower under control keeping lower back pressed into the ground


Exercise: Mountain climbers
Great for: Cardio, abs and shoulders
- From a push up position, arms extended under the shoulders, hands shoulder width apart
- Drive one knee in to touch the elbow
- extend back to the starting position and repeat with the opposite leg


Exercise: Jumping jacks
Great for: Cardio and shoulders
- Start with the hands by your sides and feet together
- Jump your feet to outside of shoulder width apart, raising your hands to touch above your head


Exercise: Rucksack row
Great for: Back and arms
- Fill a rucksack with books and/or filled bottles of water (don’t use glass bottles)
- Pack it out with a big towel to secure the contents
- Grab the rucksack with both hands and stand up straight
- Lean forwards with a slight bend in the knees keeping the back straight and arms extended
- Pull the rucksack to touch your stomach and then straighten the arms

Bonus exercise!

Exercise: Burpees
Great for: Cardio, legs, chest and arms
- From a standing position, lie face down on the floor so your chest and thighs touch the floor.
- Get back up to standing and jump in the air clapping your hands above your head
- Get up and down from the standing position however you can
- Be prepared to get sweaty with this one!

Ben Upfold and partner Susie Wong are the founders of CrossFit Ancoats. Their workouts combine bodyweight, cardio and weightlifting exercises to maximise training and fitness potential. All workouts are completely scaleable meaning anyone can do them regardless of ability. Ben and Susie are also experienced personal trainers.


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